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A trend for patriotic clothing in Ukraine sees T-shirt designs and slogans swiftly pick up on the latest weaponry and war developments. 

A dog wearing military gear, anti-tank missiles decorated with flowers, even designs mocking Russia’s wilder propaganda claims are popular picks for customers

In a large fashion store in central Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, a mother and her young daughter flick through T-shirts depicting a cartoon dog in a flak jacket and sunglasses.
“We have several like this,” says Tatiana, adding that they may pick up something new. “We love clothes like this so we shop here often.”

Kyiv Merch

Extraordinary Design

The T-shirts by Kyiv-based label J. Cook depict Patron, a Jack Russell dog skilled at finding landmines, who was awarded a medal by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in May. “I like little Patron,” Tatiana’s daughter Valeriya says, as her mother nods.

Ukraine souvenir T-shirts and Caps with inscriptions Ukraine and Kyiv are perfect souvenirs in memory of the trip to Kiev and Ukraine